12. Zachary Taylor

President Taylor died in office after getting sick at a July 4th party from eating cherries and milk.

James Madison was actually Taylor's second cousin.

Taylor kept his horse in the front lawn of the whitehouse.
Zachary Taylor
His nick name was "Old Rough and Ready" because he preferred to wear old "rough" clothes.

People thought the president may have been poisoned by his very own wife.

Taylor didn't go to college.
zachary taylor

Taylor never showed any interest in politics and never even voted until he ran for president at age 62.

Taylor had 6 children, 5 girls and 1 boy.

He had a stutter and was a poor speller.

It is said that he invented the game of hop scotch.
12.  Zachary Taylor - Our Presidents

He was a sleep walker.

He snored very loudly and also wore a bra!

He had a bowling alley built on the bottom floor of the whitehouse.

He never allowed anyone to call him Zach, even his wife.
12.  Zachary Taylor - Our Presidents
He memorized Pi to the 500th digit.

One of his daughters married Jefferson Davis, but died after only 3 months of marriage.

One of Taylor's daughters took over the duties of first lady because his wife got tired of them.

His body was exhumed in 1991 to check and see if he really was poisoned.

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