17. Andrew Johnson

  • Andrew Johnson was the 17th President of the United States.
Andrew Johnson
  • He was the vice-president of Abraham Lincoln. His inauguration in 1865 was marred slightly by the fact that Johnson was incredibly drunk. He'd been downing whiskey in an effort to medicate himself for typhoid fever (that was his excuse, anyway) and was so far gone by the time he was sworn in that he slurred his oaths, and had to abandon his attempts to swear in new senators.
  • He was the Vice President of Abraham Lincoln and become the President when Lincoln was assasinated on April 14, 1865.
17.  Andrew Johnson - Our Presidents
  • Andrew Johnson was one of 9 presidents that did not have a vice president.

  • Andrew Johnson was the only president to never graduate from high school.

  • Andrew Johnson was the first President to be impeached but he escaped being convicted in his May 1868 impeachment trial by one vote, Johnson had no chance of being reelected as President.
    Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial
  • Johnson won a Senate in 1875, becoming the only U.S. President to serve in the Senate after his presidential tenure.
  • He did not serve long in the Senate; he suffered a stroke in July 1875 and died shortly thereafter. He is buried in Greenville, Tennessee.

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