18. Ulysses Simpson Grant

  • On the day Lincoln was assassinated, Grant's wife Julia was stalked by John Wilkes Booth. If the general had accepted the invitation to go to Ford's Theater with the presidential party, there may have been a double tragedy. They went instead to Burlington, New Jersey, to see their children
  • Before the Battle of Fort Donelson, Grant was a light smoker. During the battle a reporter spotted him holding an unlit cigar given him by Admiral Foote, and soon ten thousand cigars were sent to him in camp. Although giving away as many as he could, he started the habit of cigar smoking that became one of his trademarks.
  • Upon graduation, Grant had no intention of keeping the military as his career and planned instead on being a professor of mathematics.
  • He was riding his racing horse one day in downtown Washington, D.C., when a police officer gave him a ticket for speeding. The officer didn't realize that he was a president and fined him $20.
  • His favorite breakfast was cucumbers soaked in vinegar
    18.  Ulysses Simpson Grant - Our Presidents
  • First presidential candidate to have a female opponent

18.  Ulysses Simpson Grant - Our Presidents
  • President Grant’s real name was Hiram Ulysses Grant.

  • The body of Ulysses S. Grant lies in Riverside Park in New York City. He is buried beside his wife in Grant’s Tomb, the largest mausoleum in North America.

  • Both of Grant’s parents witnessed his presidency18.  Ulysses Simpson Grant - Our Presidents
  • Mark Twain offered Grant a generous deal to write his memoirs and while terminally ill with cancer, Grant finished just days before his death
  • During his lifetime General Grant suffered intense migraine headaches which were sometimes reported as bouts of drunkenness.
  • Since boyhood, General Grant had an aversion to any kind of profanity, noting that it was a waste of time. No off color stories were allowed to be told in his presence
  • On August 22, 1848, Grant married Julia Dent from St. Louis, whose family held slaves. Grant himself owned a slave named William Jones, acquired from his father-in-law. At a time when he could have desperately used the money from the sale of Jones, Grant signed a document that gave him his freedom.

  • I have never advocated war except as a means of peace"18.  Ulysses Simpson Grant - Our Presidents

  • The Grants had four children. Grant was an incredibly devoted husband and father. Julia was easily flustered and Grant was very gentle with her.
18.  Ulysses Simpson Grant - Our Presidents

While president, he was arrested for driving his horse too fast and was fined $ 20.

Grant said he knew only two songs. "One was Yankee Doodle and the other wasn't." 18.  Ulysses Simpson Grant - Our Presidents

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