21. Chester Alan Arthur

Chester ArthurBorn in Fairfield, Vermont in 1829.

Graduated from Union College in 1848.

He was a teacher first, before he became a lawyer. He practiced law in New York City.
Served as Quartermaster General of the State of New York early on in the Civil War.
He was significant for two important pieces of legislation that occured during his presidency, one positive and the other negative. The Pendelton Civil Service Act has had a long reaching positive impact while the Chinese Exclusion Act became a black mark in American history.

21.  Chester Alan Arthur - Our PresidentsVice-President Chester Arthur became president after the death of President Garfield but he did not immediately move into the White House because he wanted the building refurbished. Redecorating was typically a job for the first lady but since President Arthur was a widower he hired New York artist and decorator Louis Comfort Tiffany. This is the first record of a perfessional decorator being hired to decorate the White House.

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