22. Grover Cleveland

  • Grover Cleveland's favorite color was RED!
  • When Cleveland was in his youth he was called Big Steve because he was born Stephen Grover Cleveland. He later asked to be called by his middle name.
  • 22.  Grover Cleveland - Our Presidents
  • Cleveland married Francis in the Blue Room of the White House. She was the youngest first lady at 21 (he was 49). Cleveland called her Frank.22.  Grover Cleveland - Our Presidents
  • Cleveland claimed two spots for the presidency, the 22nd and 24th!
  • Their first child, Ruth, was born in between Cleveland's two terms, and made a national sensation. She was a sickly child, however, and died in 1904 at the age of 12. In 1921, the Curtiss Candy Company changed the name of its candy bar "Kandy Kake" to "Baby Ruth," ostensibly in honor of Ruth's memory. However, this happened during the rise of Babe Ruth in Major League Baseball, and it is likely that the name change was an effort to capitalize on Babe Ruth's fame, with a cover story about Ruth Cleveland to keep the company from being sued for royalties. In fact, another candy company marketed a true Babe Ruth candy bar, with Babe Ruth's approval, and was successfully sued by Curtiss and forced to stop production because of the similarity in names.
    22.  Grover Cleveland - Our Presidents
  • In 1871, Grover Cleveland was elected as the Sheriff of Erie country (two year term). He performed the responsibility of a sheriff by executing criminals by himself.
  • Cleveland was told he had oral cancer but hid it from the public. His doctor came aboard a yacht, while anchored in Long Island, to remove it.
    22.  Grover Cleveland - Our Presidents
  • Grover Cleveland's favorite book was Playboy.
  • Cleveland was called out in the paper for "seducing a woman". He had a son by Maria Halpin, but was not ashamed and was honest about having relations with her. The only thing that saved Cleveland from not winning the popular vote was the honesty; his opposition was not honest of his "scandals".

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