33. Harry S. Truman

33.  Harry S. Truman - Our Presidents

'Give Em' Hell Harry'


  • Harry was left handed.
  • This President NEVER WENT TO COLLEGE.
  • During most of his term he didn't live in the white house, because it was falling apart so it was being renovated so he lived across the street in Blair House.
  • His nickname was 'Give Em' Hell Harry'.
  • When he was lived across the street from the white house ( in Blair House) he almost got assassinated.
33.  Harry S. Truman - Our Presidents
  • At age eight he got glasses and he was worried he would break them so, he did not play any activities.
  • By the time he was fourteen yaers old, Harry read all the books in his local public library and the Bible three times!
  • The S in his name is just a letter. It doesn't stand for anything.
In 1948, the newspapers had already declared his opponent the winner, when in fact, Truman had won the election.
33.  Harry S. Truman - Our Presidents

In his first six months as President Truman brought an end to World War II, which included dropping two atomic bombs on Japan. This lead to the total surrender of Japan.

He popularized the expression "The Buck Stops Here" (meaning that he'd take full responsibility for all actions of the Executive Branch.)

He ended up going as low as 22% in approval ratings, the lowest of all time in the Gallup poll.

Although he wasn't term-limited by the 22nd Amendment passed during his presidency — he was explicitly excluded — he decided that he couldn't stand the heat any longer and got out of the kitchen (an expression popularized by Truman), announcing he would not run again in 1952.
33.  Harry S. Truman - Our Presidents

Harry Truman and his future wife are the only President and First Lady to graduate from the same high school. Here is their graduation photo from 1901:

Truman Graduation

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