35. John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John F. Kennedy
A Gallup poll conducted in 1963, after President John F. Kennedy’s death, concluded that 52% of Americans believed that Kennedy’s death involved a conspiracy.
  • President Kennedy’s assassination was broadcast on television for the first time ever on an ABC television show called "Good Night America,” hosted by Geraldo Rivera on March 6, 1975. Rivera showed a bootleg copy of the famous Zapruder home movie to the American public.
    Prior to the assassination of President Kennedy, it was not a Federal offense to kill the President or Vice President of the United States. Following Kennedy’s death, the Warren Commission recommended passing legislation for it to become a Federal crime, which it eventually did.

    JFK won the presidential election in 1960, after losing the race for Vice President in 1956
    35.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Our Presidents

    Jacqueline Bouvier - Wealthy socialite and photographer.

    John F. Kennedy's father gave him $1,000,000 when he turned twenty-one. (Each of his nine brothers and sisters got a million dollars too!)
    John F. Kennedy loved lobster stew, but he also loved New England Clam Chowder.

    "Do you realize the responsibility I carry?" Kennedy asked his supporters during the presidential campaign. "I'm the only person between Nixon and the White House."
    He was the first president to have a campaign photo of him shirtless.

    John Kennedy was the first Boy Scout to become President.

    John Kennedy wore corrective shoes, because his right leg was 3/4 inch longer than his left. He swam daily in the White House pool and exercised to help with his back problems.

    35.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Our Presidents

    His daughter had a pony named Macaroni while they lived in the White House.

    Kennedy did not accept a salary for being President.

    On Dec. 4, 1963, the two deceased Kennedy children were reburied in Arlington, Patrick Bouvier Kennedy from Brookline who had predeceased JFK by 15 weeks and an unnamed stillborn daughter from Newport, R.I.

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the first President to visit the Pope during his term in office. He was also the first Roman Catholic President.

    35.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Our Presidents
  • Kennedy belonged to a wealthy family that owned a number of homes and a summer home in Cape Cod.

    John F. Kennedy shared some coincidental facts with Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was elected as President in 1860 while Kennedy entered office in 1960. Both of them had secretaries having each other's name. Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy and Kennedy's secretary was called Lincoln. Both were succeeded by their vice-presidents and both were assassinated.
    35.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Our Presidents

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