37. Richard Milhaus Nixon

37.  Richard Milhaus Nixon - Our Presidents
  • Though President Richard Nixon disliked much of the press, he had the White House swimming pool filled in, to give reporters more room when covering White House events.
  • Richard Nixon was the only President born in Yorba Linda, California on January 9, 1913.
  • Richard Nixon was one of two Presidents who was a Quaker.
  • He liked to eat Cottage Cheese with ketchup.37.  Richard Milhaus Nixon - Our Presidents

  • Nixon was the first president to visit all 50 U.S. states.
  • Nixon told reporters he never had a headache in his entire life.
  • He was a great football fan, and attended a regular season National Football League game while in session.
  • Nixon was know to have a fire in the fireplace at the same time he had the air conditioner.
  • He died in New York on April 24, 1994, he was 81
  • President Nixon suffered from paranoia. He felt every one was out to get him and he kept a list of enemies. This led him to the Watergate scandal.
  • President Nixon was an accomplished musician (he played the violin and the piano) and would often show off his talent for guests at the White House.37.  Richard Milhaus Nixon - Our Presidents

  • Nixon was never tried for his crimes. He was given a presidential pardon by President Ford.
37.  Richard Milhaus Nixon - Our Presidents

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