39. James Earl Carter, Jr.

39.  James Earl Carter, Jr. - Our Presidents
The son of James Earl Carter, Sr. and Lillian Gordy Carter, Jimmy Carter is best known as the 39th president of the United States, serving from January 20, 1977 until January 20, 1981. He has led an accomplished and interesting life, both before, during and after his presidency.

Jimmy Carter Quote: "Human rights is the soul of our foreign policy, because human rights is the very soul of our sense of nationhood." 39.  James Earl Carter, Jr. - Our Presidents

Major Events While in Office:
  • Vietnam War era draft evaders pardoned (1977)
  • Panama Canal Treaty (1977)
  • Camp David Accords (1978)
  • US officially recognizes People's Republic of China (1979)
  • Three Mile Island incident (1979)
  • Iran Hostage Crisis (1979-81)
Fun and Interesting Facts About Jimmy Carter

  • President Jimmy Carter was one of the few Presidents that did not actually study law when they were in college. Instead, President Carter studied nuclear physics. He actually contributed to the creation of the nuclear submarine.
  • Jimmy Carter panned for gold successfully in north Georgia.
  • Served in the nuclear-submarine program
  • Jimmy Carter Age at Inauguration - 52 years old
  • A giant peanut-shaped balloon was part of his Inauguration Day parade President Jimmy Carter Nobel Peace Prize 2002
  • Jimmy Carter insisted on being called "Jimmy" not "James."
  • Jimmy Carter had a dog named Grits
  • His favorite hymn is Amazing Grace.
  • When he was five he was punished by his father for stealing a penny from the collection plate at church.
  • Before he became President, Jimmy Carter rode motorcycles.
  • He loved to read and he was actually a speed reader and thought to read up to 2000 words a minute.
  • His favorite books are War and Peace and Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.
  • He has written several books as well, one of which his daughter illustrated called The Little Baby Snoogle Fleejer.
  • He has a collection of American Indian arrowheads and old bottles.
  • When he was younger, his sister threw a wrench at him and he shot her in the behind with his BB gun!
  • His first car was a 1948 Studebaker and he drove it across the country in 1948.

    39.  James Earl Carter, Jr. - Our Presidents
  • He was the first president to be born in a hospital.

  • He does not enjoy wearing hats.
  • His favorite ways to keep in shape are jogging, playing tennis, bicycling, and dancing with his wife.
  • He was a lifelong tennis player. (he played on a dirt court on the family farm as a child)
  • He enjoys hunting, fishing, softball, bowling and billiards.
  • He was denied being selected high school class Valedictorian because he played hooky and went to a movie.
  • At Annapolis, Midshipman Carter was paddled and hazed for refusing to sing General Sherman's battle hymn, "Marching Through Georgia."
  • His favorite spectator sport is baseball.

  • After his father's death, he ran very successfully his family's peanut farm.
  • Jimmy Carter received 2002 Nobel Peace Prize in the Oslo, Norway.
  • He was the first president sworn in using his nickname, "Jimmy".
  • True to his character and indicative of his appreciation for his upbringing, candidate Jimmy Carter used the train depot in his hometown of Archery, Georgia as his Presidential Campaign Headquarters. The former center of his grassroots campaign, the depot is presently part of National Park Service at the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site.

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